Zertifikat Inso


As one of the leading insolvency administrator law firms in Germany and as the first law firm in Bavaria, in August 2008 the law firm was certified according to standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and InsO 9001.
In summer 2017 the law firm was certified succesfully according to the standard conversion DIN ISO 9001 : 2015. In the course thereof, the law firm developed and implemented a comprehensive individual quality management system (QMS). The system covers in particular detailed documentation of all processes of all phases in the course of a successful processing of insolvency proceedings. The QMS is consistently improved by internal quality control and regularly independently reviewed. This enables the law firm to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of its work.

In an insolvency proceeding, in view of the considerable time pressure and the multiplicity of tasks to be completed, well-structured processes are an indispensable condition.

A tight and precise working method on the basis of solid planning is required in order to achieve objectives rapidly. The structuring of frequently multi-facetted situations requires the interplay of insolvency law and management knowledge with special industry experience. With the new Quality Management System, the law firm secures the know-how of decades of legal, in particular insolvency specific work and internal and external transparency of working processes.

Since July 2015 the law firm is also certified according to InsO Excellence, the highest certification standards for insolvency administrators in Germany. The certificate, which all members of the Gravenbrucher Kreis must obtain, is evidence of the highest quality in the processing of company insolvencies and reorganisations.