The work of law firm Müller-Heydenreich Bierbach & Kollegen and its outstanding reputation in the market are reflected in a number of awards of independent lawyer ranking institutions:

- The directory “The Legal 500 2018: Germany’s Leading Law Firms” especially recommends Müller-Heydenreich Bierbach & Kollegen as a law firm for insolvency.

- Axel W. Bierbach has been selected every year since June 2011 by the highly-regarded US publisher “Best Lawyers“ as one of the best lawyers for “Insolvency law and restructuring” in Germany.

- The Juve Handbook of commercial law firms has for many years included Müller-Heydenreich Bierbach & Kollegen among the leading law firms in Germany for insolvency.

Müller-Heydenreich Bierbach & Kollegen is represented by Axel W. Bierbach in the Gravenbrucher Kreis in which the leading supra-regional insolvency law firms in Germany are associated for more than 25 years. The members and their law firms are certified according to the InsO Excellence criteria, the highest current certification standard for insolvency administrators.

Bierbach is, since May 2015, also a board member in the Verband Insolvenzverwalter Deutschlands e.V., (the Registered Association of lnsolvency Administrators) the professional association of German insolvency administrators.
Axel W. Bierbach contributes his expertise gained over many years in insolvency law and restructuring in many lecturing engagements at various institutions and events (including the German French restructuring summit and the annual restructuring conference).

Legal 500 Gravenbrucher Kreis

The law firm recommended for insolvency administration is for many competitors throughout the country one of the first choices if proceedings in Bavaria are concerned. “Naturally, I recommend Axel Bierbach for Munich” said a Frankfurter restructuring advisor, and the professional acknowledge of his work is evident in his inclusion in the Gravenbrucher Kreis. MHBK continues to progress towards spreading the appointments over many shoulders in order to solidly establish itself at an ever increasing number of Bavarian courts. With the Golden Gate proceedings, a further insolvent issuer of a €30 million SME bond, the law firm has been able to prove its sustained specialisation in cases of that kind. Frequently recommended: Axel Bierbach, Oliver Schartl."

Juve Handbuch 2015/2016 Wirtschaftskanzleien (excerpt)

Müller-Heydenreich Bierbach & Kollegen with five administrators operates mainly in Bavaria. While continuation of the debtor’s business as a going concern is a particular strength, others include insolvency plan proceedings, group and cross-border insolvencies. Insolvency administrator Axel Bierbach undertook the rescue of the traditional Munich evening newspaper, the Abendzeitung, with lower printing costs and higher sales price and sold it to a publisher. He also successfully sold the insolvent IT System firm Klug with retention of all 320 jobs to the Austrian TGW Logistics Group."

The Legal 500 Deutschland 2015 (excerpt)

The law firm, recommended for insolvency administration is, in spite of its regional focus on Bavaria, known nationwide and praised for its “practical, principled” work. It was again prominent in the media due to the Munich Abendzeitung proceedings, but also deals with many proceedings with complex demands – for example, insolvent financial investment funds. Internally, the generation change to younger partners has been quietly successfully achieved which is not always the case with competitors of comparable size. Frequently recommended: Axel Bierbach, Oliver Schartl."

Juve Handbuch 2014/2015 Wirtschaftskanzleien (excerpt)

The law firm recommended for insolvency administration provides one of the youngest teams of administrators in the south and is equally experienced and acknowledged sufficiently to be the first choice for many demanding proceedings in Munich. Funds companies and media companies, but also SMEs are a specialty of MHBK which is also established in these areas in Nürnberg. The law firm is growing slowly but continuously from within and is also a good example for successful change of generation. In view of the manageable size, it is all the more surprising how positively its capacity is assessed by most competitors. Strengths: continuation of business, plan proceedings. Frequently recommended: Axel W. Bierbach (“exemplary thorough”, competitor), Oliver Schartl.”

Juve Handbuch 2012/2013 Wirtschaftskanzleien (excerpt)

In June 2011 and June 2012, insolvency administrator Axel W. Bierbach was selected by the highly regarded US publisher “Best Lawyers” under the heading “Top commercial lawyers in Germany”. Best Lawyers prepared a list of German lawyers on 41 legal areas specially recommended by colleagues. Rechtsanwalt Axel W. Bierbach of Müller-Heydenreich, Bierbach & Kollegen is recommended for insolvency law and restructuring as one of the most important specialists in this area."

After the Akzenta insolvency, this law firm recommended for insolvency administration again successfully handled a financial investment case. Contor-Treuhandgesellschaft, which held the 450 million Euro Cinerenta-Fonds for 9,000 investors. The relatively young team succeeds, according to competitors, in dealing with such extensive cases as it does with group insolvency. MHBK has also expanded regionally and opened an office in Nürnberg which has already had its first appointments. Strengths: continuation management, plan proceedings, insolvencies in financial investment. Frequently recommended: Axel Bierbach, Oliver Schartl (“innovative and very committed”, competitors about both)”

Juve Handbuch 2011/2012 Wirtschaftskanzleien (excerpt)

The recommended insolvency administrator law firm continues to be prominent for significant difficult company insolvencies in Munich and Rosenheim. From this basis, the young group of administrators are slowly expanding in the direction of other Bavarian courts. The recently increased personnel capacities ensure that even major cases such as that of the fulfilment service provider Dohmen, can be processed or restructured rapidly. The investment fraud insolvency Akzenta with approximately 15,000 creditors and claims of 96 million was even more demanding. Strengths: business continuation, regular plan proceedings and cross-border insolvencies. Frequently recommended administrator: Axel Bierbach (“very committed and helpful”, competitor)”

Juve Handbuch 2010/2011 Wirtschaftskanzleien (excerpt)

The change of generation in the traditional recommended law firm seems to be a very successful example, with Barbara Beutler no longer accepting new cases and Bierbach taking over the leadership in the administrator business. He is, at the Munich base, frequently the first choice for publicly prominent proceedings. Two new partners – an administrator and a tax lawyer – strengthen the team.”

Juve Handbuch 2009/2010 Wirtschaftskanzleien (excerpt)